'; ?> Maximad :: Who is behind MaximAd and how can you improve your classified and print advertising?

MaximAD is backed by experience of BB&E Media, LLC. We built MaximAD to help fill a need no one has fulfilled -- to improve traditional classified and print advertising. Our goal is to bridge the gap between traditional print ads and the power of Internet. Bring your print ads to life and set your classified advertising apart from the rest!

MaximAD allows users to extend their limited print ads by allowing you to add multiple photos, extended information, or even redirecting people to any web page! When you use MAximAD you are given a unique three-to-five digit code to place in your classified ad(s) and print advertising. Your customers, buyers, and readers can simply go to MaximAD.com and enter in the easy-to-remember code to visit your MaximAD.

URL Redirects: Do you have a web site but want to point people directly to a promotion, product page, or announcement? Do you want to extend the reach of your online auction or listing?

Use MaximAD to send people directly to your aution, listing, or web page. If you do not have an existing web site you can use our web page builder to generate your very own page on the Internet! Anyone who can use a word processor or send an email can post their own MaximAD with ease. Add photos, style your text, or even use advanced layout techniques to customize your MaximAD!

Do you want to use MaximAD?

Contact us today so we can get you started right away. If you want to use MaximAD with your favorite newspaper or publication just drop us a line. We will work with them to help you reach your local customers.